What we do at Damiani Concrete

Concrete Foundations

Damiani Concrete Co. Inc. specializes in forming and pouring concrete foundation systems of all different shapes and sizes. From small residential additions to large commercial buildings and everything in between, Damiani Concrete has the equipment and knowledge required to complete your project in a timely, cost effective and efficient manner.

Cellar Walls

Pouring cellar walls in the Western New York area is a challenging proposition due to the ever changing weather conditions and widely varied soil conditions that exist in our area. The design of any cellar wall system should take these two factors into account and once the engineered specifications are determined, the cellar wall system should be constructed in strict accordance with the specifications.

Concrete Construction

Believe it or not, concrete is a very “dynamic” material, that is, it moves a lot! Air temperature, humidity levels and soil conditions are just a few factors that create the “dynamic” nature of concrete. What separates one concrete foundation contractor from another is his ability to understand the effects of nature on his work and materials and further, his ability to be proactive when designating mix designs and placement practices.

Concrete Footings

With a crew possessing well over one hundred years of combined experience, Damiani Concrete Co. Inc. has become Western New York’s elite concrete footing contractor. Whether it be new home construction, an addition on an existing home or a large commercial project, Damiani has the expertise to provide a quality concrete footing system for your project.

Basement Walls

When most people are building their new home they get excited about things like kitchen cabinets, hardwood floors, lighting fixtures and other “finish” items, which is only natural. At Damiani Concrete Co. Inc. we get excited about pouring you a dimensionally correct and level foundation with the best materials available. Our crew takes a great deal of pride in pouring what we refer to as the “ultimate” wall.